This has me so EXCITED. I'm a sucker for those Lifetime Christmas movies. People either love 'em or hate 'em. I'm someone who loves them. You can catch me bingeing Hallmark movies for the rest of the year dreaming for some aspects of my life to maybe be like that. Can you imagine having one of those perfectly done houses? I can't.

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If you're like me, our dreams just came true. As I was searching around, I found a house on vrbo that is a Christmas movie come to life, and better yet, the house is located right here in Connecticut.

If you want to live out the Lifetime Christmas movie dream, this is the perfect place for you. Let's take a walk through the house.

Lifetime Christmas Movie Inspired House in Connecticut

Okay honestly, that house is adorable. I really can live out my Lifetime Christmas movie dreams here. If you would like to see more information on this adorable "It's a Wonderful Lifetime Holiday House" in Greenwich, CT, you can see information here.

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