There's a craft beer battle brewing here in Connecticut despite the fact that certain legislation supported by local wholesalers, distributors, and retailers was dropped by two state lawmakers.

According to, the legislation, which would have required breweries to make a choice between on-site or off-site sales, was dropped after extensive opposition from the craft beer industry in the state. The law could have put some of Connecticut's eighty plus craft breweries out of business given the fact that craft beer taprooms would have had to close down and would only be allowed to sell their beer in package stores, restaurants and bars.

The other main concern from regular beer distributors is that smaller craft breweries are not following laws regarding how much beer they can sell, and at what price. Enter State Rep Bill Buckbee from New Milford, who took a stand on the controversy and posted this about the beer battle on his Facebook Page:

I have had many inquiries regarding this topic and I thank all of you for reaching out to let me know you were opposed. Many bills will now face vetting in committee and begin receiving full language. I look forward to seeing you all in support of Bad Dream Brewing and Housatonic River Brewing in continual support of New Milford business.

Jude Malone, who's the executive director of the Connecticut Beer Wholesalers Association, told the that her organization has found instances in which craft brewers have sold more than the nine-liter limit and where they have posted a price with the state that they would sell their beer for and sold it for less.

So the beer battle continues in the state, even though the craft breweries dodged a bullet, with some of the toughest legislation to date being dropped.

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