A U.S. Defense agency is testing fish spies according to a new report from The Independent. The program is called PALS and stands for Persistent Aquatic Living Sensors. Lori Adornato, manager of the initiative, administered by the federal Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency had this to say:

“The PALS program was developed to leverage the great sensitivity that organisms have in the ocean to changes in their environment.”

One of the traditional tools used for underwater surveillance is sonar. Experts say sonar has it's drawbacks. First, sonar pings can easily be detected by our enemies and second, it's costly.

So what would be different about this? Well the people in the program admit the any sensors they would put on/input to the fish may have the same problems in terms of cost and attention.

Now you wanna know what the research costs? The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA has begun delivering the money to five research teams to the tune of $45 million(whole project). Each team will be responsible for a specific marine organism.

What lengths will our Government go to, to spy on our enemies? Great, stupid and wasteful lengths. Apparently Kevin Malone is head the DARPA. When the question is "why would anyone do that/try that?" The answer is ALWAYS "Why the hell not!?"

  • Fish spies, because of reasons.
  • Fish spies, because we can.
  • Fish spies, I want one.
  • Fish spies, "dude, it' s a FISH and also a SPY."

P.S. This story will make it's way around again in the future with some sort of update on the program. Don't be surprised if my "take" changes when it does. I'm a complicated dude, kinda like an onion, ya know with layers. I'm already sitting here wondering if I got this one wrong. I mean it'd be kinda cool.

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