It's May, it's Spring, it's suppose to be nice, isn't it? Not this weekend, as our area is suppose to get soaked thanks to a Spring Nor'easter.

I've noticed over the last few years that we don't seem to get that nice spring weather that I remember from when I was a kid. Weather patterns are definitely changing and Mother Nature wants to prove that to us again this weekend with a nice little Spring Nor'easter.

I spoke with our Meteorologist Bill Jacquemin from the CT Weather Center, and he's what he had to say about our weekend weather:

"Low pressure from the southeast will move into our area Friday and give us rain late Friday night, Saturday, and into the early part of Mothers Day on Sunday. We'll see the heaviest of the rainfall Saturday afternoon and evening, with windy and very cool conditions, temps will only get into the low to mid 50's". We can expect between an inch and a half and two inches of rain, though those numbers can vary as some models can be a little more aggressive. Either way it's going to be wet, but I can guarantee....No Snow".

Many outdoor events scheduled for Saturday have already been postponed, including our Brews and BBQ Festival, rescheduled for July 22.

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