Don't you love it when an authority figure does something totally out of character? Our social media is flooded with cool videos of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Well, if you've ever wanted to see Southington, Connecticut police officers lip sync to a Celine Dion song, today is your lucky day.

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The Southington Police Department just posted a gem of a video featuring Officers Evan Olsson, Neal Ayotte, Michael Morley, and Joe Richard along with Sargent Matthew Hammell and Sargent Justin Burke. In it, Officer Olsson crushes the hell out the chorus portion of Celine Dion's 1996 hit It's All Coming Back to Me Now. Check it out:

Bravo gentlemen, Bravo. Full commitment in the rain/snow/sleet. The video was released in a post that explains that the Southington Police Department would like to increase their social media outreach and the video is the start of great content that is coming our way.

You had to use Celine Dion guys? You couldn't have 'Rick-Rolled' us? I respect the effort, but I question the song. Here's the lyrics that Officer Olsson is cracking out -

"Baby, baby, baby

When you touch me like this

And when you hold me like that

It was gone with the wind

But it's all coming back to me

When you see me like this

And when I see you like that

Then we will see what we want to see

All coming back to me"

I'm ready for your version of I Fought the Law and Radiohead's Karma Police.

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