Truckers and their supporters who are part of what they are calling "The Peoples Convoy" will pass through Connecticut on Wednesday.

The group of truckers who will become part of the national convoy heading to Washington, D.C. will be making their way through Connecticut on Wednesday. This convoy will be growing substantially as it makes it way through the state. There is a northeast route that has formed with truckers from all of New England heading for their final stop in the nations capital.

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The group of truckers from the northeast will join up with the original convoy that began on February 23 in Southern California and has been making its way across the country since.

Like the recent Canadian trucker protests, these American truckers are also protesting the coronavirus mandates that has hurt their industry so much over the last few months.

According to the groups Facebook page, the convoy will have two different entry points in Connecticut. The first will be in Enfield on Interstate 91, and I-84 in Union.

All truckers in the convoy will converge and merge onto I-84 in Hartford and continue on the highway into New York State.

The people who are in charge of the Northeast portion of this convoy are telling the public that the convoy will not be stopping in Connecticut, but there are certain places where others who may want to be a part of the convoy to D.C. can join them.

Here are the specific locations where people can become part of the convoy, they are all located right off I-84.

I-84 Exit 62 in Manchester at the Buckland Street commuter lot

I-84 Exit 31 in Southington

I-84 Exit 1 in Danbury

The convoy will stop overnight Wednesday into Thursday in Montgomery, New York.

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