I live in Waterbury, I work in Brookfield. On my half hour drive, I pass through Middlebury, Southbury, Newtown, and Brookfield.

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I've seen hundreds of political signs all through our area, and more and more have popped up in the last few weeks as we approached today, Election Day 2020, November 3.

They're all the same, except for a couple that caught my eye this morning as I drove into work. It seems as though there are a few of you out there, like me, who are so tired of the American political process, that they have chosen to endorse Steve Martin, Jesus, and the Wu-Tang Clan, instead of the typical candidates out there. I saw the Steve Martin and Jesus signs along Main Street North by the Southbury Plaza

Photo by Large "Performing his civic duty" Dave

I have to state that I hope that you don't waste your vote on the 'Wild and Crazy' Steve Martin, RZA, our Lord and Savior, or O.D.B. today. It just made me chuckle to see WU-TANG IS FOREVER among the sea of TRUMP/PENCE, and Steve Martin's face alongside all of the BIDEN/HARRIS signs.

Photo by Steve Bal

And, before I forget, how about this little beauty -

Photo by Large Dave

I did see that the voter turnout this morning was extremely heavy, I drove by the Southbury Police Department and saw a line of voters that was wrapped around the building, all the way into the parking lot at 8AM. It's great to see so many people getting out there and letting their voice be heard. Whoever thought up those signs, I salute you on a very tense day.

Photo by Large "I voted by mail" Dave

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