Should overweight men have to wear a bra? One petitioner is calling for this very thing. The user who crafted the petition is Leah Brennon and while her point is intriguing, her spelling and grammar leave a lot to be desired. This is the post as she wrote it:

for over weight men to wear bras

i think we should all support this because if girls have to walk around with bras on everywhere they go because we have boobs, so should overweight men. now i’m not saying it’s bad to be overweight, but if a man has bigger t------ than i do? they best be wearing a bra. period. how is it fair that girls have to wear bras because their boobs are NATURALLY there, but a man that chooses to have big boobs (by being overweight) doesn’t have to?

So far 11 people have officially agreed with her and signed the petition, so it's not lighting the world on fire. However, that could have something to do with the content getting buried or the grammar confusing people.

There is another item that is throwing me off, on Change, you are allowed to direct a petition to a notable person, corporation or government agency. Leah aimed hers at the Toyota Motor Company, the very same company behind the ultra successful Camry automobile.

I don't know what they have to do with bras or man cans, but she may very well know about a division of the company I am not familiar with. That, or maybe she believes that male Toyota employees are typically overweight and a bit busty.

Enough speculation on what Leah is thinking here. There are a few feeling I have on the matter and they are:

1 - I'd like to see less man bosom in my travels. I have seen far too much, please stop shaking them pineapples fellas.

2 - No one says ladies have to wear bras. This is a personal choice and I defend a woman's right to go without, when and wherever they choose.

This has been fun, don't you think?

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