3,056 students from 48 high school districts throughout Connecticut cast ballots in the 2020 Student Mock Election for President, and it was a landslide.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden swept the mock election with 42 of the 48 towns voting for the Democratic ticket. According to Hearst Connecticut Media, a release from Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz and state Department of Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona states that the mock elections' results in no way intend to predict Tuesday's outcome's presidential election.

Connecticut high school ballots were cast from October 19 to October 30, with both in-school and virtual learning students participating. Held every four years since 1940, the Scholastic Student Vote has been an exercise to educate high school students across the country on how important it is to participate in the democratic process. Scholastic's senior vice president, Lauren Tarshis, stated,

Our goal is to deeply engage students in this civics learning experience and to give them practice in exploring issues, having respectful discussions, and making their voices heard.

Donald Trump And Joe Biden Participate In Final Debate Before Presidential Election
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According to the Washington Post, K-12 students cast more than 168,000 votes throughout the United States during the National Student Mock Elections. Joe Biden received 61 percent of the vote, while President Trump took 39 percent of the student vote.

Biden won big with 10th -11th graders picking up 65 percent of the vote. Keep in mind this is not a scientific survey. President Trump was a bit more popular with kindergartners, first-graders, and high school seniors, winning 42 percent of the votes.

High schoolers in Tennessee chose Trump over Biden, 52.3 percent to 32.7 percent, and rapper Kanye West, who is on the ballot in Tennessee, picked up 10.2 percent of the student vote.


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