If you steal something in Southbury, you should know that the police are likely going to catch you, one way or another.

Case in point, someone stole some Red Bull from a Southbury supermarket but left the scene of the crime without taking something fairly important -- their cell phone.

When Southbury police arrived to investigate, they found the cell phone and immediately took to Facebook and left this message for the criminal:

Since the message was posted, hundreds have shared it, and there have been tons of comments.

No word yet if the apparent suspect has returned to the scene of the crime, but I'm sure if they saw the message, and know police have their cell phone, it's just a matter of time before this case is solved.

This has to be the best comment from all those who responded to the Southbury Police post, and it makes sense too:

You should post it on their Facebook page through their phone.

So, for now, it's still a standoff. Police have the phone, the suspect has the Red Bull, and another person who posted a comment summed it up best:

Well he or she can cross criminal mastermind off their bucket list

And how about this comment:

Well they will be wide awake when they are booked...
Of course, we'll keep you updated on this story, the case of the stolen Red Bull.
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