It's the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas and the entire holiday season are upon us. For my family that means an evening ride in the car, traveling around Danbury and taking in the holiday displays around the city.

This year, it was particularly important for my wife and I to continue the tradition with the kids because of the year they have lived through. There were a lot of uncomfortable moments in 2020 and we wanted to remind the kids about something good, something real that they could count on every year.

We set out on our journey Tuesday night (12/1/20) to find some of our favorite Christmas displays and this is what we found in Danbury.

Some of Danbury's Coolest Christmas Light Displays 2020

Frankly it was a bit early in the season to do this, but there is nothing stopping us from doing it again and I promise to share more photos if we do.

If you know of some spots we missed and need to see, please share the locations with me. Thank you to all of the owners of these homes for not calling the police on me as I trespassed on your property.

Below is a short video I took of the South King Street home display with the synchronized music.

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