It's the first thing we all do when we hear of something scandalous in our backyard -- check Facebook.

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It may not be a great sign for our society but it's true, and it's exactly what I did when I heard a CT woman had been swindled by a man whose attorney claims he's dead. When I searched "Johnny Masesa Facebook," the first result for Masesa was a memorial Facebook or "Legacy" page.

According to FOX 61, Masesa is accused of scamming a Milford, CT woman out of $83,000 and his attorney claims he died months ago in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, to be exact.

In a typical article, this is where the reporter says they've reached out to sources close to Masesa who were unavailable or unwilling to speak, but I'm different, and just like you, I'm fascinated. If there is any confusion about whether a person is dead or alive by a judge, and the person in question is accused of a crime, it's OK to ask questions.

Like, for instance, maybe this person is dead, and that would be very sad, but the much more interesting story is that Masesa may be alive. This has elements of a decent B-list movie. Except, in the movies, there are millions of dollars stolen -- this seems like a long way to go to get $80,000 but "to each his own."

I also checked Johnny Masesa's Twitter and saw some interesting items, to say the least. This is how is bio reads: "Self made-man. pilot by profession and a true fine lover of people with hearts for other. I never loose, but always learn with what seems to be a failure." 

I think he meant to write, "I never lose," and we can forgive a typo like that because it happens. What really jumped out at me was the notion itself, this man fancies himself a success, or at least, it's important to him to be viewed that way. Even more interesting, he's a pilot?

What skill might be very useful if you committed a crime and were pretending to be deceased? Would being a pilot come in handy for someone who is on the run? I think it might.

Twitter wasn't the whole story, his Instagram account "gulfstream650er1" is littered with pictures of Masesa standing with wildly expensive vehicles and airplanes. This man has/had expensive taste and I'm sure $80,000 would come in handy.

Is it just me? Are you thinking what I am thinking? I'm thinking none of those cars belong to Masesa, I'm also thinking that the guy behind him, may be the owner of one of them who is wondering why this strange man is taking pictures next to his car.

I watch the TV program American Greed a lot, and if that show has taught me anything, it's this: people who are obsessed with image and money will do just about anything fulfill their wants. I mean, I didn't even have to do a "deep dive" into this guy to get a picture of what he's all about, it's all right there on the surface. If I am being fair, the same can probably be said for most people, but you and I are not accused of an alleged Publisher's Clearing House scam that reportedly netted $80,000.

The FOX 61 report states that Masesa's attorney has produced a death certificate from the Democratic Republic of Congo but it has yet to be authenticated.

Maybe the lawyer is being honest, maybe it is true that Johnny Masesa passed away, and if that is the case, I will feel bad. For now, I'm just really intrigued.

P.S. I don't want to hear a Facebook rant about how this is irresponsible reporting, I'm not a reporter, I'm not a journalist. I'm a writer, questioner, speculation-ist. I speculate and gesticulate. I ponder and I wonder and I am never bluffin' with my muffin.

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