Moments before SNL's Pete Davidson was to walk out onto the Stress Factory's stage, numerous reports say he bailed on the show.

Davidson, who is actually a friend of the Stress Factory's owner Vinnie Brand, claimed he was disrespected by Brand and refused to go on. Here's supposedly what Brand told Us Weekly:

What happened last night is beyond strange and shocking. His security team sent me an email about Pete not wanting any cell phones out or anyone to yell out specifically Ariana(Grande) and Kate(Beckinsale). I said I would protect him and make a quick five minute announcement about the (rules).

He went on to say that minutes before Davidson was to walk out on stage to perform his standup act, everything was fine. When Brand left the stage, Davidson asked him why he had disrespected him and then left the building. Here's what Pete Davidson had to say about what happened according to BuzzFeed:

The owner, Vinnie Brand disrespected me, and did something I told him not to do, and I can't perform under those circumstances.

An unofficial source claimed Vinnie was lying about what happened and another unnamed source told Us Weekly that Brand was told to not go onstage and not to say anything which is the exact opposite of what Brand said.

Davidson took to his Instagram page on Monday, apologizing to his Connecticut fans and promised he would make it up to them at a different location in the near future.

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