I can not even wrap my head around this nugget of information. I feel like my brain is in Snapchat mode, here, and then it's gone.

Remember talking to someone face to face? Remember writing an actual letter to someone and mailing it? Remember doing anything that didn't some how involve social media? Oh, you probably do, but it's all quickly becoming a fading memory.

Fading memories are sort of what Snapchat is based on. The premise behind the app is just that - shared photos and videos on the messaging service self-destruct after a few seconds. And in record numbers, people have embraced the concept.

Bloomberg.com recently reported that Snapchat says its users view a record ten-billion videos a day. Snapchat even says videos are now as common a form of communication, like texting and photo-sharing. While those are certainly ways to keep in touch and share moments, I still would rather talk to you, you know, in "person"

The mastermind behind the phenomenon known as  Snapchat is CEO, Evan Spiegel, and you can follow his rise to all things gone in a blink of any eye in a great story in redcode.net

Snapchat. It's sort of like, "Smile! You're on Candid Camera," for a new generation!

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