I'm weeded out man, completely tired of hearing about it. Weed has to stop being at the top of everyone's list of things to talk about.

I know this is blasphemous to say right before 4/20, but c'mon, y'all -- it's enough. The stigma surrounding the drug is dead and gone, and it's likely going to be legalized for recreational use in almost every state in the union over the next twenty years. So what are we talking about? Why are we talking about it CONSTANTLY?

Your lawyer, your doctor, your mom -- they are all smoking right now. You have major corporations building entire ad campaigns around 4/20 and marijuana. It's over. It's not a rebellious statement to say you smoke, it's no longer a counterculture, the fight was fought and won by people who smoke. Don't even get me started on the CBD (canibidioil), no one cares. If I have to hear one more time about this boring derivative and it's health benefits, I'm going to burn this building down.

Why am I being a hater you say? I'm not. Smoke weed, don't smoke weed, rub it on your bum bum, I don't care. It's just eating up a lot of the conversation pie. I love conversation and pie, and the weed dialogue is tired. Happy 4/20.

P.S. I'll be at Grassy Plain Vape N' Smoke this Saturday for their 4/20 celebration with 20% off of everything in the joint. People will be wearing thongs, there will be food and laughs. You can catch me in the middle of all of that action, discussing all things marijuana. Grassy Plain Vape N' Smoke, 39A Grassy Plain Street in Bethel, CT and online at grassyplain.com, for all your vaping and smoking needs, go to Grassy Plain Vape N' Smoke. My whole family vapes there.

On that note, if you're so obliged, feel free to take a word of advice from the late, great Long Beach, CA philosopher, Nate Dogg:

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