Whenever the subject of sleep comes up I say "I need my 14 hours" just to see if people are listening.

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While making a crack about sleeping for a million hours is funny to me, the idea of going without sleep is no joke. I take my sleep seriosuly, some (my wife) would say I take it too seriously. I've had to get to work no later than 4:30 am for the last 16 years and I know how hard it is to do that if I didn't get proper sleep.

While it's important to me, it's not so easy for everyone in NY and CT. According to new research from Leafwell, both states rank in the Top 15 for sleep issues and New York is Top 10.

Leafwell looked at average nightly sleep duration in each state as well as weighing the number of Google searches for poor sleep. In the end, New York state is #6 for sleep troubles and Connecticut ranked 13th. New York's sleep score was 30.37 out of 100 and CT had a rating of 37.75.

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A deeper look at New York's sleep stats:

  • New York reported the highest number of problem sleep searches of any state, with 795 searches per 100,000 people.
  • 34.6% of the New York population reportedly struggle with short sleep duration, ranking 27th out of 50. 
  • New York’s most searched for sleep related term is ‘sleep apnoea, with an average of 27,692 monthly searches. 

The state with the worst sleep score in America was Hawaii at 9.87 out of 100 which is bonkers and the best state for sleep was South Dakota with a socre of 91.69.

Here are the Top 5 worst sleep states:

1. Hawaii - 9.87

2. Georgia - 19.68

3. Nevada - 23.24

4. Maryland - 24.31

5. Virgina - 29.61

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Aurora Photography

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