The definition of "Dive Bar" in the context of this blog is defined as, "A neighborhood bar, where local residents gather to drink and socialize."

The true dive bar is a bar and/or club where "everybody knows your name."

A huge thank you to everyone who suggested their favorite dive bar on my Facebook page. According to you guys, here are six of the best dive bars in greater Danbury.

  • 1

    Be Be's Lounge

    You'll find Be Be's Lounge at 40 Tamarack Ave. at the intersection of Tamarack and Hayestown across the street from Wheels. Yelp reviewers love the pool table and pinball along with excellent prices on beers.

    Be Be's Lounge in Danbury - Google Instant View
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    Caribean Cafe 2

    The Caribean Cafe 2 is at 127 Park Ave. in Danbury and folks on Facebook love the service and friendly staff. One patron says that the drinks are not watered down like at other bars.

    Caribean Cafe 2 in Danbury - google Instant Street
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    Cowboy's Cafe

    I couldn't find out too much info about this bar except that it used to be Togabees (Thanks Johnny Love). You can check out Cowboy's Cafe at 40 Wildman Street in Danbury and they're open from noon 'till 2 am.

    Cowboy's Cafe
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    Griff's Mug N' Munch

    This restaurant/bar closed down in 2014 and was located at 483 Federal Rd. in Brookfield. I'm including Griff's Mug N' Munch because it was an area institution since 1975 and back in the 80s it was a frequent lunch destination for many of the I-95 staff.

    Griff's Mug N' Munch
  • 5

    Lakeside Inn

    The Lakeside Pub is located across the street from Danbury Town Park at 31 Hayestown Road in Danbury. There's a great view of Candlewood Lake from their outside deck. The menu is small but the food is good at this homey comfortable bar.

    Lakeside Pub - Danbury
  • 6

    Uncle Al's Cafe

    You could call Uncle Al's Cafe, located at 26 Thorpe Street in Danbury, one of the quintessential "everybody knows your name" bar/restaurants in Danbury. One of the well-known karaoke DJs in Danbury who used to work karaoke at Uncle Al's, told me:

    The trendy sports bars don't hold the same history and charm as bars like Uncle Al's.

    Uncle Al's Cafe - Danbury