Police say that six Connecticut residents between the ages of 62 to 85 have been arrested and charged with engaging in sex acts in public.

According to NBC Connecticut, authorities allege that one woman and five men engaged in lewd and sexual activity inside the Grace Richardson conservation area in Fairfield. The arrests reportedly happened earlier this month after a sting operation and all parties were released on a promise to appear in court.

I've been following stories like this for years. Back in 2016, there were a rash of similar arrests involving seniors right in the Greater Danbury area. Now we learn of these new accusations cropping up in Fairfield and it makes me wonder -- is this an epidemic? Why do seniors seem to love sex in the woods?

The police in this case, much like past cases, say they believe these outdoor hookups are arranged online. They say there are websites dedicated to folks seeking these types of arrangements. If that is true, it's the hardest piece of evidence to wrap my head around. My parents are technically senior citizens and It took me a month to show my mom how to use an emoji. Now she won't stop using them.

Is that what happened here? Did these seniors have extremely helpful kids? Kids willing to show them how to use the internet to arrange (alleged) sex trysts in the woods? I realize that is a really off-putting question to ask, but it's burning my brain. I can't get my dad to stop taking accidental photos of his forehead/nose when trying to capture of picture of his grand kids. How did these folks ages 62-85 (allegedly) find the darkest corners of the sexual internet?

I guess I'll never get real answers to any of my questions, but if we can find out if this is an epidemic, maybe we can fix it. We can establish and install private sex hubs for seniors all throughout the state. We can build facilities that allow them to gather and engage away from the eyes of the public. We can even recreate their natural environment by erecting fake trees, constructing faux streams and throw an occasional plastic squirrel in the mix.

I'm a problem solver -- this is what I do.

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