Social media in the Greater Danbury area has been rampant with rumors that Panchos and Gringos in Brookfield, CT is closing for good. Pictures of this sign on the front door, like this one, have been floating all over the internet.

Photo: Lou Milano

When we heard the talk, we checked their Facebook page and found that their last post was on July 28.


There has been no activity since that post, and unsuspecting diners have found the doors shuttered recently. This morning on the Ethan and Lou Show, we asked the listening audience about their thoughts, and some were certain the doors of the local Mexican restaurant were closed for good. Others said renovations are underway and some say they will be open again soon.

Ethan Carey and I (The Ethan & Lou Morning Show) called the listed number several times this morning to get confirmation one way or the other. The phone went to voicemail and the mailbox was full each time.

I had just made plans last week with friends to meet at Panchos, but they fell through. I had no idea that they were closed or for what reason. I can tell you that if Panchos closes its doors, it will be sad.

Most Greater Danbury residents have a memory, or many memories, of this restaurant. I hope it's not the end, but if it is, thank you to all of the ownership groups and employees that gave us an enjoyable dining experience. If they are not closing, I will see you all there next Friday for a drink.

If you have the means, shop and dine local, our neighbors and friends are struggling through a difficult and unprecedented time.

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