As Halloween grows closer, so does the question about how it will be handled in the Nutmeg State. CT Governor, Ned Lamont, just recently announced that fines will be levied against folks not wearing masks in public throughout the State.

So, what is the fate of a holiday that encourages strangers to visit one another's homes and ask for candy? I'd put my money on the state encouraging people to not celebrate this year, but we wanted to know your opinion.

We asked the I-95 Facebook page fans, "Should we observe Halloween in CT this year?" The responses were mixed for sure.

I love Halloween, but I am leaning towards skipping the "Trick or Treat" routine with my kids this year. My wife and I will dress up the house, dress up the kids and throw them a mini party in the house.

Should I have kids come to my door looking for candy, I'll be ready and dad will handle that exchange. I won't be mad at anyone who decides to go but I gotta try and slow the interaction on my end. Stay safe, there are no good answers anymore.

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