Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful storms to ever come out of the Atlantic basin. Right now, all the talk is Florida, but should people in Greater Danbury be concerned about this storm heading our way?

The path of a Hurricane is so hard to predict that many times things change almost hourly, so right now it's way to early to know if this storm will take a turn and head up the east coast. All the models right now have it making landfall somewhere in Florida, but that can all change in a New York minute.

I know many of you are concerned with the track of this storm, weather it hits Florida, where you may have friends or family, or if the storm track will take it on a path that effects us. Either way, it's important to know so you're prepared.

I talked with our Chief Meteorologist, Bill Jacquemin, in the Connecticut Weather Center to try and get a fix on where Irma might be headed. Here's what Bill had to say:

This is a deadly powerful storm, so everyone from Florida, the Gulf Coast, and all up and down the Eastern seaboard should be paying close attention to the path of this hurricane. The path is extremely important, especially for us here in the Northeast. If the turn that's expected happens a little sooner then projected, we could see more of an impact in the Greater Danbury area, however we'll need to wait a few more day's to get a better idea of where this storm may wind up.

Bill also told me that when it's August or September in New England, you have to be concerned with any system, especially a storm as big as Irma. People also have to realize that even a Tropical System or weak Hurricane could cause major issues with us.

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Jacquemin had his own projection on where Irma could wind up:

I'm beginning to lean towards the storm hugging the coast, and that turn starting a little sooner. People should understand that it could effect us, I'm not saying it will, but you'll have to be prepared just in case. If your not sure your set to deal with this type of a historic system then just ask yourself, if Irma hit's what am I going to need. Once you've filled in the blanks, then you'll know just how prepared you are.

No matter where landfall is for this storm, there's a good chance we get effected by it in some way. It could be just remnants with some rain and wind, or it could be a bit more severe if it keeps up the current pace and doesn't slow and weaken. We'll keep you updated so stay tuned.

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