Afraid of her strict Cambodian parents, Danbury High School student, Panna Krom, decided to drown her new born baby in the toilet back in 2006.

According to, after she killed the baby, Krom hid it in her closet. In 2008, she was sentenced to 18 years in prison. After serving 9 of those years, she has recently asked for clemency, and the reduction of her sentence.

Krom has officially filed a clemency petition asking that the second half of her sentence be switched to probation only with no more prison time. Her Buddhist faith does not allow abortion, and she told the court she was not aware that there was a Safe Haven Law, which allows a mother to leave her baby at any hospital emergency room during business hours.

Neonaticide is defined as the killing of an infant within the first 24 hours of its birth. Danbury State Attorney, Stephen Sedensky III, opposes the clemency petition while telling just how horrific this case really is.

York Correctional Institution in Niantic, CT - YouTube Screen Shot

Many have rallied on the side of Krom saying she's taken responsibility for her crime, and has taken advantage of every educational program at New York Correctional Prison in Niantic. At her sentencing hearing, she told the court she would complete her high school and college education, attend therapy sessions, and do everything she needed to do to help herself become a valued member of society. She seems to have kept that promise.

Panna Krom has been a model prisoner and says she's ready to help other women. Advocates on her behalf, along with Krom herself say that if she's released she could educate other women on the Safe Haven Law. The prosecutor argued that she set out to kill her child, and then killed her child.

What do you say? If you were the judge in this matter, after weighing all of the evidence, how would you rule?

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