Just last week, I told you about the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's public warning that Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (Commonly known as Bird Flu) had been discovered in wild Mallard ducks here in Connecticut, and you should keep an eye on your poultry for any unusual symptoms of the devastating disease. Today, I've learned that an excellent local organization needs your help in their fight to keep Connecticut free of this dreaded disease.

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The Sharon Audubon Center is located at 325 Cornwall Bridge Road, and they have just sent out a social media request for your help. Sharon Audubon needs Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help protect their workers, volunteers, and birds that they're rehabbing from Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI). HPAI is an extremely contagious disease that affects birds with a multi-organ attack that results in a very high mortality rate.

With Sharon Audubon Center being a not-for-profit, 501c organization, the presence of HPAI has created new problems that they were not prepared for, and they are asking the public now to please donate PPE via an Amazon wishlist.

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What is Sharon Audubon Center requesting? Disposable face masks, hand sanitizer, disposable aprons, disinfectants, face shields, disposable gloves and shoe covers, nets, and many food and safety items for dogs, cats, reptiles, and birds to help keep them all safe. There's nearly 100 items on their Amazon wish list, so if you have any leftover PPE, consider donating to the Sharon Audubon Center, they're on the frontline of a different pandemic right now.

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