According to the News Times, police say a driver for the executives of Save the Children in Fairfield, CT had three pounds of PCP delivered to the headquarters on King's Highway.

The chauffeur's name is 33-year-old, Giraud Dickson of Bridgeport. Dickson has been relieved of his position, according to the report, and was arrested and charged with illegal distribution and possession.

Whenever I think about how we can all improve the lives of children in need, I think of the basics, clothes, food, education. It never occurred to me that they might need a three-pound vacuum sealed container filled with PCP.

Write this down, and don't forget it, because I think it's important advice, don't send drugs to an organization known worldwide for helping kids. I'm just saying, it's frowned upon in society.

People may take offense, it's possible you will lose your job, and you will likely have to have an uncomfortable conversation with the authorities. We should shoe the children, not get them hooked on goofballs and grass.


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