I'll admit it, I don't understand why self-serve beer and wine machines are a good idea.

Self service liquor machines are nothing new to most states in the country, in fact, 43 states have already embraced the concept. When I think about going out for a beer with a buddy, I think about bellying up to the bar, looking to see what's on tap and then ordering from an actual old school bartender. Here's how these automated bartenders operate.

For God sakes, do we need to have every damn task that a human is able to accomplish taken over by a machine? Do we really need to remove all the personality and sociability out of your favorite bar so we can again bow down to the almighty dollar? According to ctnewsjunkie.com., the Connecticut House of Representatives voted 129-19 in favor of self-serving beer and wine machines.

I do see one advantage to these automated bartenders. If you're out at your favorite watering hole and the bar is wall to wall people and you've been trying to get the bar keep's attention for 15 minutes, maybe an automated beer or wine tap could be the way to go, but let me tell you something. I refuse to stand in line so a machine can fill my beer glass. It's all fun and games until the MACHINES take over the world!

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