An Oregon State researcher says a certain strain of seaweed has the flavor of bacon. I say yum!


I LOVE bacon.

I love sushi so it stands to reason I love seaweed.

So when I came upon this story my taste  buds tingled.

In a story from TIME.COM a researcher at Oregon State University was busy working on a special strain of seaweed. While he was at it he may have discovered a new treat that tastes like bacon. Chris Langdon started growing the leafy red seaweed about 15 years ago. This particular seaweed is found along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and is packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Langdon says that when it's fried, it has a strong bacon flavor.

OMG...fried..AND tastes like bacon! I think I died and went to heaven!!!

We are chock full of bacon goodness for the inaugural  i95 BACON & BREW FEST but there's always next year for bacon flavored seaweed.  I'm looking forward to eating my way around the Danbury Green this Saturday and I can't wait to see you there. Buy your tickets now because they are going fast. Click on i95 BACON & BREW FEST for more info.

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