It continues to infuriate me to read about ignorant, vile individuals who still think that the Sandy Hook slayings were a government conspiracy.

Now, we have to listen to Chachi's wife, Renee, mouth-off to Nelba Marquez-Greene, the mother of 6-year-old Ana, who was murdered in Sandy Hook in December of 2012., Scott Baio tweeted out references that Sandy Hook and Charlottesville were conspiracies that were connected to the shooting. Marquez-Greene tweeted:

Renee Baio, Scott's wife. tweeted there were some unexpected complications in a recent surgery she underwent. Marquez-Greene tweeted back:

Renee Baio responded back to Marquez-Greene's tweet by saying:

I'm sorry for your loss, however, maybe your children are in a better place. Your ugliness knows no bounds. I'll pray for you.

The responses from the world of twitter towards Baio's tweet were swift with comments like:

You need professional help." to "Renee, this may be a result of all the hate you spew.

And so, the vicious cycle of hate, murder, and wars continue because people were raised to believe that others should die because of their beliefs, the color of their skin, and the religion they choose to practice. Is it ever going to end? I'm afraid not in my lifetime.

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