We all love our dogs, and that's why some people actually let their dogs sleep in their bed with them. Come to find out, that is such a good idea.

Having dogs around is great, they are one of your family members, and some people let them have the run of the house, including letting them sleep in the bed with them at night, but is that something you want to do all the time?

A new survey conducted by the American Kennel Club revealed that 45% of people let their dogs sleep with them in their bed at night. It is kind of common, and yeah, that could mean a little more fur on the covers, but there’s now scientific reasons to sleep with your pup.

According to iheartdogs.com, scientists believe that dogs can ease tension and make you feel more comfortable at night. The study also revealed that your pooch won't negatively affect or disrupt your sleep. In another recent study called "The Effect of Dogs on Human Sleep in the Home Environment" by the Mayo Clinic, they found that the average adult without a sleep disorder showed no negative impact on getting a good nights sleep while having the dog in bed with you at night. Plus, the study also revealed that the size of the dog had no impact on sleep quality.

In the same way therapy dogs help reduce stress in hospital patients and are used in airports to reduce anxiety, the same effects were seen with people that sleep with their dogs. Look at all the joy and good will the Newtown Therapy Dogs have brought to the local community.

Another outcome of the survey found that people who pet their pooch when going to sleep had lower blood pressure and it also acted as a calming effect. So, the next time your dog wants to jump into your bed, you might want to let him or her bunk with you for the night instead of sleeping on their dog bed, or in their crate. Who would've know?! It's good for your health.

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