This once beautiful family resort built in the early 1900s now lays in disrepair.

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Originally named the Grand View Hotel, this impressive family resort gained its notoriety in the early 1900s during the "Resort Era," according to Fondly referred to as "the Catskills of Connecticut," it now lies in decrepit condition on its original grounds in the woods of Colchester, Connecticut.

The Lake Lodge - photo credit by Jason Allard from his YouTube video...
The Lake Lodge - photo credit by Jason Allard from his YouTube video...

In 1958, the Davis Family purchased the property and changed the name of the resort to The Lincoln Lake Lodge, better known as "The Lodge," which the family turned into a premier music venue and bed and breakfast. The Lodge hosted over 100 large events including shows by Kool and the Gang, Eddie Kendrick from the Temptations and Curtis Mayfield, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, The Lodge Bed and Breakfast was shut down in 2000, but the music venue rocked on until 2011, when the entire 120-acre complex went out of business and was boarded up and the grounds fell into disrepair.

The property was listed for sale in 2013, but the buildings and grounds were beginning to deteriorate. Trash and room belongings littered the property and the main guest house actually collapsed into itself.

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Walls were stained by graffiti, and even a magnificent grand piano lay in ruins. Various video companies like High View Productions, who filmed the spooky dilapidated property, claimed that the silence was "deafening." Professional video companies and spectators are no longer allowed on the premises.

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