Lindsey Jacobellis grew up in Roxbury, Connecticut, and began snowboarding when she was 15. She is now 36 and has become the most dominant SBX snowboarder of all time.

She's an Olympic silver medalist, 6-time world champion, and a 10-time X Games gold medalist. She recently returned from Germany, winning the World Cup for the 31st time, making her the winningest snowboarder in history, and she's a member of the U.S. Snowboardcross Team.

She credits her brother, Benny, for introducing her to the sport, and at the age of 15, she competed in her first X-Games. At 21, she won her first Olympic medal taking the Silver at the 2006 Turin Olympics. Let's take a look at Lindsey in action.

Jacobellis owns 15 gold medals between the biennial world championships (the last in 2017) and the annual X Games. She holds one Olympic medal, Silver from her debut in 2006 when she led the final to the last jump and fell doing a premature celebratory board grab.

She also finished in the top five of six of her last seven World Cups. She's won 18 Gold Medals, two Silver, and two Bronze in international competitions. Her most disappointing loss came during the 2006 Turin Games, where she had a comfortable lead as she neared the finish line. She felt good and was just seconds away from a win in the snowboard cross final when she made a fatal error.

She looked back and saw no other racers and tried a stylish move of grabbing her board in mid-air. Unfortunately, she went down on her heels and skidded on her back, and when she looked up, Tanya Frieden of Switzerland raced by and won the gold.

Team USA PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics Portraits
Lindsey Jacobellis - Getty Images

At 36 years old she is still at the top of her game. She recently returned from Germany winning the World Cup for the 31st time, making her the winningest snowboarder in history.

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