You may have heard of this scrappy guitarist who's played with the Rolling Stones for the last 54 years.

According to the Ridgefield Press, Weston resident, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones has a kind and generous heart. He and his wife Patty Hansen plan on auctioning off valuable antiques from their New York City apartment on the Upper East Side to benefit two Ridgefield non-profit organizations, SPHERE and the Prospector Theatre.

If you're a Stones fan don't get all worked up. The items being auctioned are not of the Rolling Stone variety as in Keith's guitars or articles of clothing. The items up for bid are Italian, French, and English furniture, paintings, and decorations, truly valuable antiques.

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The auction will take place in New York City on Saturday, June 24. Why are Keith and Patty donating the money raised from the auction to Sphere and the Prospector Theatre? SPHERE helps adults with developmental disabilities achieve independence through finding employment, housing, and education. Patty's 24 year old nephew has autism and both SPHERE and the Prospector Theatre have provided Hansen's nephew with beneficial services. It's Keith Richards and Patti Hansen's way of giving back to the community.

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