Danbury Youth Baseball was Jerry Dennehy's life and soul. He not only coached the sport but as his obituary states, "he walked the fields, befriended the coaches, and gleefully harassed the umpires."

When Jerry passed away in February of 2020, Danbury Youth Baseball asked the City Council to name Roger's Park Field No. 4 after him. The council voted unanimously to do just that.

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I reached out to a friend of Jerry's, the Director of Recreation, Nick Kaplanis, who told me that Jerry did just about everything that needed to be done. He not only coached baseball, but he would pitch in at the concession stand, empty garbage cans and pick up litter. Nick told me that it was his "home away from home".

After Jerry's kids grew up and moved on from Danbury Youth Baseball, it was no surprise to anyone that Jerry continued to coach and do anything, including mowing the ballfields if they needed it.

Roger's Park Field #4 - Google Instant Streetview
Roger's Park Field #4 - Google Instant Streetview

Everybody loved Jerry Dennehy because of what he stood for, spelled out in his obituary in the Newstimes. He treated everyone like they were a member of his immediate family. He would spend hours tossing baseballs, soccer balls, and lacrosse balls.

He spent hours driving to sports tournaments all over the state and always had an encouraging word to every child or young adult he came in contact with. Unfortunately, I never met Jerry Dennehy, but I wish I had. I hope he wouldn't mind if I called him Danbury's Mr. Baseball!

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