I would like to think that just because Lou and I talked with these notorious rock stars, it wasn't the cause of their demise.

I will admit, though, that it's a bit unsettling knowing that shortly after Lou and I interviewed these classic rock stars, they vapor locked. The first one that comes to mind is:

Mitch Mitchell - Mitch was the original drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience. On the way down I-684, Mitch's limo driver gave us a call to tell us he was driving Mitch Mitchell into the city and would we like to talk with him. This was in early November of 2008 and of course we said "Yes" and he proceeded to chat with us about what he was up to. On November 12, 2008, Mitchell was found in his Portland, Oregon hotel room dead from natural causes.

Hendrix Experience
Getty Images - Mitch Mitchell on the far right

Gene Clarke - Back in 1991, I had the opportunity to interview Gene Clarke, a founding member of the Byrds. I remember speaking with him from his hotel room in New York City and I believe he had a woman friend with him. Gene had a long history of alcohol abuse but got it together long enough to play at the Byrds induction into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame in January of 1991. I spoke with him in early May of 1991 and on May 24, 1991 he died of natural causes.

The Byrds
Getty Images - Gene Clarke on the far right

Paul Kantner - Paul was the founder and rhythm guitarist of the Jefferson Airplane that would eventually rename itself, the Jefferson Starship. They were coming to town to play a show at the Ridgefield Playhouse in mid January of 2016 and Lou and I were given the opportunity to interview Paul before the Playhouse show. He passed away on January 28, 2016 at the age of 74 due to multiple organ failure and septic shock after suffering from a heart attack.

Promotional Portrait Of Jefferson Starship
Getty Images - Paul Kanter on the far right

Trust me when I say we've interviewed many a rock star and most of them have survived. Just sayin'!

Here are a couple of our interviews that didn't result in death or anything morbid like that:

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