Maybe you're asking why a chemical tanker truck is hauling 200-proof alcohol in the first place.

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My first thought was, why is that tanker hauling primo moonshine? After searching on Google, I learned that 200-proof alcohol is a liquid that is 100% Ethanol, which is commonly known as ethyl alcohol.

According to a to the Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company, approximately 100 gallons of Ethanol began leaking from a container as it was being transported on Grays Bridge Road in Brookfield, which caused Grays Bridge and surrounding roads to be shut down. Other chemicals were also a part of the tanker's load.

This type of Ethanol is used for a variety of purposes such as a gas additive, paint and coatings, pharmaceuticals, and raw material for industry. This is dangerous stuff if not appropriately treated. It's highly flammable and causes severe eye irritation.

These are the reasons crews from the Danbury Fire Department and Stony Hill volunteer fire department were called to the scene along with a chemical waste team from the state's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, according to the News Times. One Danbury firefighter had to be sent to the hospital for evaluation.

At one point during the hazmat spill, Route 7 was closed, and the Hawleyville Fire Company and the Bridgewater Fire Department were on standby just in case they were needed.

So, back to my question. Is it safe to drink 200-proof alcohol or Ethanol? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Inhaling this stuff may irritate or burn the skin. Ethyl alcohol may cayse mutations.(genetic changes) Repeated high exposure may affect the liver and the nervous system.

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