For this custom made Connecticut Trail, you're going to need a designated driver.

Here at i95, we've mapped out the best of the best in Connecticut from wine, chowda, cheese, craft beer, haunted houses, hot dogs, and pizza. Now it's time to build you a custom made road map for Connecticut's craft distilleries. Let's call it, "The Connecticut Spirits Trail," and it goes without saying that this trail is best navigated with a designated driver(s), a Lyft or Uber, or one of those fancy-ass party limos.

  • MarianVejcik

    AppStrawBrandies Distillery - Branford

    A former chemist with Bristol-Myers Squibb designed this unique distillery in 2013 which includes 55-gallon plastic fermenters to make small batches of various hangover-free brandies made from apples and strawberries. Yes, I said 'hangover-free!'

    Some of their product offerings include Bourbon Whiskey, Super Sweet Rice, Grape, and Wheat Vodka, American Whiskey, and Apple and Pear Brandy.

  • Mizina

    Asylum Distillery - Bridgeport

    Located at 259 Asylum St. in Bridgeport, owner, and distiller, Robert Schulten works with CT farmers to turn his 'farm to glass' concept into a delicious reality.

    The distillery offers a gin, unaged corn whiskey, and vodka all made in small batches using 100% Connecticut corn. For tours and tastings, call 203-292-0146.

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    BuonCello - Bethel

    There is absolutely nothing better than a handcrafted limoncello and that's exactly what Buoncello at 111 Wooster St. in Bethel is all about. They pride themselves on their handmade Italian style creamed liqueurs. They offer BuonCello Premium Lemon, Lemon Mint, Orange, and Orange Pineapple. They recommend serving their tasty treats right out of the freezer.

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    Hickory Ledges Farm and Distillery - Canton

    Homemade moonshine is the name of the game at Ledges. Each of their moonshines is made in small batches with crystal clear spring water and then flavored with farm-made ingredients.

    Their Full Moonshine line features apple pie, cranberry, and maple-flavored or if you're looking for that special kick, try their unflavored Moonshine Circa 1797 which they describe as 'strong as fire.'

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    Litchfield Distillery - Litchfield

    Located at 569 Bantam Rd. in Litchfield, this distillery features impressive selections of bourbon, gin, and vodkas. I've sampled their Batcher's Bourbon Whiskey and it is some of the smoothest bourbon I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.

    You might want to schedule some extra time at the Litchfield Distillery because of their comfortable tasting room and tour schedule. For all the specifics, click on



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    Mine Hill Distillery - Roxbury

    Located in the heart of Litchfield County, Mine Hill defines what living in New England is all about. Their classic dry gin and classic vodka are crafted with only farm-fresh products along with their own crystal clear spring water.

    Mine Hill is an award-winning 19th-century landmark and set on 3.5 acres and is perfect for an intimate dinner party, wedding, or business meeting. Located at 5 Mine Hill Rd. in beautiful Roxbury, find out what Mine Hill can do to spice up your next event by clicking on

  • Piotr_roae

    Hartford Flavor Company - Hartford

    The Wild Moon liqueurs line is the Hartford Flavor Company's featured attraction which are botanically infused and free of chemicals and gluten. Liquer flavors include cucumber, rose, cranberry, lavender, birch, and chai spice.

    The Hartford Flavor Company also features a renowned tasting room called Diana's Lair which is open on the weekends. For a full rundown on the Hartford Tasting Company at 30 Arbor St. in Hartford, click on


  • damedeeso

    Sono 1420 American Craft Distilleries - South Norwalk

    Located at 19 Day St. in South Norwalk, Sono 1420 is within walking distance of all the unique shops in SONO including the Maritime Aquarium.

    Their handcrafted products include two whiskeys and three gins and is one of the only distilleries that includes hemp seed into a whiskey mash bill. The seeds give their whiskeys a unique and intriguing taste. Tastings and tours can be booked on the weekends. Click on sono1420 for the details.

  • Getty Images for BACARDI rum
    Getty Images for BACARDI rum

    Waypoint Spirits - Bloomfield

    If you make the decision to stop into Waypoint on the Spirits Trail you'll be treated to their handcrafted Wintonberry Gin, Labrador Noon Vodka, Man Overboard Spiced Flavored Rum, Special Batch Whiskey, and their Labrador Noon Spicy XIII.

    Tours and tastings are offered every weekend Friday through Sunday. Click on for times and more info.

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