Even though we are home to the 'Insurance Capital of the World' and most of the companies that offer safe driver discounts, have you noticed that Connecticut often rewards your safe driving with antagonistic road rage?

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Road rage is a real problem here in Connecticut. I saw three separate incidents over the weekend involving people screaming at each other, flipping each other off, and swerving dangerously close to one another. One in Brookfield, another in the parking lot of a Torrington grocery store, and today in New Milford. What did they all have in common? Someone dared to drive at or near the posted speed limit, and then the game of tailgating and brake-checking started.

In two of the incidents, the speed limit driver suddenly stopped short to teach the tailgater a lesson. We all know how that usually turns out, right? Neither accepts responsibility for their actions, blames the other, and we miss the traffic light due to the argument.

I've really tried to leave more room between me and other vehicles lately, but I find that if I'm not right up the vehicle's ass in front of me all the time, an angry face is in my rearview.

I'm preaching to the choir that is Fairfield County, you poor souls that have to endure 84, the Merritt, Rt.7 and 95 every day are being forced to drive aggressively. I even find it at 4:30AM along 202 in New Milford. My reward for safe driving has not been a 10% discount, it's usually being the target of someone's unwarranted rage.

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