Since COVID, car robberies have been spiking throughout the State of Connecticut.

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Many Nutmeg State communities have been hit hard, including New Milford. From January of 2021, to November of 2023 there have been 38 cars stolen in New Milford according to WFSB. 28 of those vehicles were eventually recovered, 10 of them found in Waterbury.

It seem like every time I go on the New Milford town Facebook, there is another person with a story to tell about thieves attempting to gain access to vehicles. There was another post on Tuesday (12/19/23) from Robert DC who shared video from his ring camera of thieves attempting to get in one of his vehicles.

He added:

"Keep the cars locked because there are people wanting to open the cars. This happened today at 1:30 in the morning. Around pumpkin hill road
You have to stay alert."
Love the attitude on these kids. Rewind to the :10 second mark and you'll see the kid with the red hood wave off the third car like "ehh, I'm not checking that one." He so frustrated that these folks locked their cars so ass clowns won't try and take them.
He's so angry that he doesn't get to have one of these cars. Hey Goldilocks, it's not your car! That is the kind of frustration people experience when they lock their keys in their own car, that they bought, with money they earned.
If the State of Connecticut does not get tougher on these crimes, they will not only continue but this epidemic will get worse.
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P.S. Thank you to Robert DC for allowing me to share his video.

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