For two hours last night, I was glued to my television watching our Legislators and Representatives introduce and vote on an abundance of possible new laws for us in Connecticut. What was my takeaway? Respect for the job that each of them do, and for whoever is programming the music choices at CT-N, The Connecticut Network.

We interviewed State Representative Bill Buckbee yesterday morning while he was sitting inside his vehicle, waiting to go inside to start yesterday's legislative session at the State Capital Building in Hartford. During our interview, Representative Buckbee mentioned that we could watch their work that evening on CT-N - The Connecticut Network when we got home. It's usually Channel 15. That's exactly what I did.

I found that watching a Connecticut Legislative Session can be relaxing, here's why -  As the Speaker of the House introduces each new Act, an explaination of what the Act concerns is introduced, which is then followed by a reaction/response, and then, all members of the House are called back into the chamber by the ringing of a bell to cast their vote. As the vote happens live, CT-N cuts away from the live audio, and instead plays a relaxing piece of jazz, smooth jazz, or easy listening, while the din of Representatives casting their votes are muted.

Watching the red and green Yes or No votes fill up the board, while listening to a snare, bass, and piano is surprisingly relaxing. I'm sure it's not as relaxing as the feeling each Connecticut Representative feels as their Act passes, but keep up the good work on the audio end CT-N, it lulled me to sleep after hearing that harsh bell.

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