It has become a very popular item with homeowners concerned about safety, but the second generation Ring Video Doorbell might not be safe at all.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall of the second generation Ring Video Doorbell when complaints of a potential fire hazard was filed with the commission.

Some 85 reports were received of the device's battery overheating when the improper screws were used during the instillation process, 23 of those complaints led to the doorbell igniting causing minor burns and property damage.

According to, more than 300,000 Ring Video Doorbells have been sold at stores across the country, and at online retailers from June through October.

If you have recently purchased one of the second generation Ring Video Doorbells, check the item's model number. One of the numbers you need to watch out for is 5UM5E5, you'll know it's one of the recalled products because it has a blue ring on the front, and came in two separate colors, black and silver, and black and bronze.

You can check to see if your device is one of the ones on the recall list by just going to Now, only certain serial numbers have been recalled, but better to be safe and check it out first before installing.

If you have this item and have not installed it yet, make sure you check for the safety precautions on the company's website and get the latest information you'll need before actually doing the instillation.

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