Why were 24 gallons of gasoline poured on a playing field in Ridgefield?

According to a social media post from the Town of Ridgefield, someone made the decision to pour 24 gallons of gasoline on a local playing field to reportedly help dry the field more quickly. A post on the Town of Ridgefield's FB page called the action, "a poor decision."

The field is located at Governor's Park, where a Ridgefield High baseball game was scheduled. That "poor decision" is being investigated by Ridgefield Police. The Director of Public Works, DEEP, and Ridgefield's Certified Spill Response Team responded to the flaming field, and thankfully, no one was hurt or in danger.

The next step is to excavate the field which includes placing all the infield dirt in a safe container for testing and then adding fresh new soil to the field, which will be closed until the test results are back.

Here's a bit of footage courtesy of a tweet from @AmityNorton, a teacher at Amity Middle School:

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