If you haven't been paying attention, gnomes have been migrating from homeowners gardens to the woods of Ridgefield.

What's up with these mini statues anyway, and why have more of them been showing up around the trees on Ridgefield's Spring Valley Road? The NewsTimes decided to launch an investigation and began asking questions around the Spring Valley Road neighborhood.

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The first person they asked said many of the fairy statues have resided there for "quite some time" but others have appeared recently. The neighbor said that the new pixies and fairies have moved into a tree that has a flower wreath and a wooden door with a white gnome standing outside.

Do these creepy little statues have an agenda? According to goodlucksymbols.com., typical garden gnomes are considered spirits of the earth and symbols of good luck. These small humanoid creatures also served to protect and are a symbol of fertility.

Various folk tales tell the story of garden gnomes as being magical and protectors of the earth that are able to burrow tunnels through the earth. Personally, I don't think these weird little dressed-up humanoids have any evil plan to take over the world. Let's not make a mountain out of a gnome hill.

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