In a recent study, two Greater Danbury area towns ranked in the Top 15 on the list of the 100 safest cities/towns in America.

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According to Safe Wise, Ridgefield, CT came in at  number 6 nationally and Newtown, CT ranked number 11 in the U.S. Ridgefield had an amazing violent crime rate of 0.04 and Newtown was 2.05.

Safe Wise
Safe Wise

What is very interesting to note is that many of the safest cities (65 of them) exist in a cluster in the Northeast. As a region, New England is the safest place to live in this country.

Safe Wise
Safe Wise

The correlation between higher incomes and lower crime rates is evident. The average income in America's 100 safest cities is $106,298. While the median income in the U.S. is $68,703.

So how did some of our other local towns/cities do? These are the others that made a great showing. (Note: The Greater-Danbury are in CT, rides the border of New York State so there are towns in New York that are considered local). 

#14 - Carmel, NY

#21 - Harrison, NY

#26 - Hyde Park, NY

#49 - Hopewell, NY

#59 - Yorktown, NY

#68 - Westport, CT

#89 - Scarsdale, NY

Safe Wise also broke down the statistics for each state, this was CT's top 10

1. Newtown
2. Ridgefield
3. Simsbury
4. Westport
5. Wallingford
6. Cheshire
7. Greenwich
8. New Milford
9. Shelton
10. Guilford

And New York's:

1. Lewisboro Town
2. Sleepy Hollow Village
3. Kirkland Town
4. Highlands Town
5. Northport Village
6. Rye
7. Mount Hope Town
8. Cornwall Town
9. Malverne Village
10. Stillwater Town

The national picture is a bit alarming. This year we stayed about the same as last year with violent crime, while property crimes were actually up from 2020. If you are looking to move out of the Northeast but want a want to remain safe, the suburbs are your best bet, 91 of the 100 safest cities/towns are within 50 miles of a major metro area.

I'm a Northeast guy and I always will be. This is another example of what I love about this area. Safe, safe and more safe. I know the taxes and the weather are bad, but you can't put a price on the safety of your family, well maybe you can, about $100,000 + per year at minimum.

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