Fred Buonocore always rides the front car Metro-North train car on the way home. But on Tuesday, fate saved the Ridgefield man by making him a little late. He had to run and catch the train, and made his way into one of the middle cars instead of his usual spot in the front car, according to NBC Connecticut.

Fred Buonocore
Fred Buonocore - Credit: NBC Connecticut

Five train passengers who would have been sitting next to him in the front car, died when the Metro-North train smashed into an SUV that was stuck on the tracks. Among them were Aditya Tomar of Danbury, Robert Dirks of Chappaqua, Walter Liedtke of Bedford Hills, Joseph Nadol of Ossining and Eric Vandercar of Bedford Hills, according to The Journal News.The driver, Ellen Brody of Chappaqua, also perished in the crash.

Buonocore would have likely died in the crash as well, if he were sitting in the front car. Instead he was able to help himself get off of the train, as well as others.

Buonocore ended up smashed through glass to pull an emergency level to open up the main car and jumped out into the snow, then began helping others off the smoldering and flaming train car.

This is the second tragedy Buonocare has witnessed in the past few years. He was also standing across the street at the Boston Marathon when the bombs went off.

Buoncore told NBC Connecticut that he doesn’t plan to stop his routine of sitting in the front car.

Watch NBC Connecticut’s video below.



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