Welcome to the first-ever Townsquare Media of Danbury Restaurant Week.

Each day, from Monday, July 22 through Friday, July 26, we'll feature absolutely unbeatable deals (and some giveaways) from some of the very best restaurants in the area.

Today, i95's Ethan and Lou Show welcomed the crew from 21 Lake Restaurant and Bar in Danbury, located inside the Ethan Allen Hotel.

During a live interview with Scott, the Director of Food and Beverage, and Janice, the Executive Director for the Ethan Allen Hotel, they spoke about what their growing and trendy local restaurant is like and what they have to offer. They also offer up a chance for YOU to win a gift card for the restaurant.

Before you check out Scott and Janice's full interview below, here are some of the highlights:

  • "Let me tell you something about [their] turkey club right now. I was saying this off the air: if I go to a restaurant, I don't order a Turkey Club 'cause it's going to be boring, it's going to be dry. I ate that, that was delicious! I really enjoyed it!" - Lou
  • "We just got recognized as the only restaurant in the Danbury area to be able to participate in the New England Chowdafest hosted down in Westport on October 6th so out of 300 some odd restaurants in the New England area we are the only one from the Danbury market to be able to be nominated."- Scott
  • "If you got a hankering for some chowder we'll tell you where to go, I'll tell you what!" -Lou
  • "We're number 9 out of 320 eateries on TripAdvisor. So we're in the top 5%, and we just received some accolades from them and we're real proud of it." - Janice
  • To [Lou's] point, clubs can be dry. We put a nice basil spread on ours and brie kind of softens it up. Our handhelds, we really focus on 'em." - Scott
  • "I'm looking over your menu, here. It's like a high-end restaurant, but with reasonable prices." - Vincent
  • "It's open to the public. You don't have to book a room or anything like that." - Ethan
  • "We work hard to make sure our food and our service matches the people that we're bringing in. We want to make a memorable experience." - Scott
  • "The food is critical, but the staff and the service is really what we're known for." - Janice

Here is a photo gallery of our visit with 21 Lake Restaurant and Bar:

21 Lake Restaurant and Bar

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