According to Page Six in the NY Post Matt Harvey was seen at an exclusive club called 1Oak Saturday morning in NYC. People are now speculating that is why Matt Harvey was a no show at Citi Field on Saturday. Yeah if I was just leaving the club at 4am on Saturday I too would have a hard time making it to the ball park just hours later.

Harvey as we know was suspended by the team for violating club rules for three games and scrapped from his Sunday start. The team to their credit is trying to keep things on the low and not give a specific reason for the suspension but it was a matter of time before we got details and the Post was all too happy to oblige.

I am not a guy who can sit all high and mighty on this one and say I would never do anything like this because I did it. What Matt needs to know though is the clock is ticking. You have a short window to get back in the good graces of your organization. For him it's going to be weeks, not months or years. The whole city is watching to see what he does next and what he does next may end up being his legacy.

The other thing is he would have probably gotten away with it if he was 4-0 with a 2 ERA but he's 2-2 with a 5 plus ERA. No one is going to give you any rope if you are playing like that. If you win, you will get away with a lot more. You can ask the entire 86 Mets organization about that, they will tell you.

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