The shocking story of an apparent double homicide in New Milford followed by a suicide in Dover has an even more upsetting ending and backstory. Another reported death in the series of events is an infant in Knightdale, NC.

Multiple news sources, including WTNH, have quoted police as saying that the body of Stephen Pladl, of Knightdale, NC, was found in his vehicle in Dover as a result of an apparent suicide. His biological daughter, 20-year-old Katie Pladl, and her adoptive father were found shot to death in the adoptive father's pickup truck in Gaylordsville.

The Pladls made national news earlier this year when they were convicted of incest after having had a baby together. The story says that Katie Pladl found her biological parents on social media when she turned 18, and moved to North Carolina, where she began the relationship with her biological father.

While the New Milford police department did not outright say that Stephen Pladl was the gunman, CBS News reports that his attorney confirmed that he is, in fact, the suspect in the New Milford murders as well as the murder of his own 7-month-old child whose body was found earlier this morning in North Carolina.

The crime scene at the intersection of Route 55 and Route 7 is expected to be closed for the rest of the evening.

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