A tail (😉) as old as time... ok actually as old as twitter, circa 2006. People are absolutely OBSESSED with documenting their fur-baby's every move. Our peeps at All Home Connections hooked us up with a comprehensive study that includes everything kitty, pupper and hashtags.


All Home Connections collected almost 225,000 tweets mentioning pets. Whoever was assigned that task, I just want you to know how much I envy you. ANYWAYS, they collected their data by finding posts "...containing the word dog, cat, or pet, or the hashtag #Pet, #Cat, #Dog, #Pets, #Dogs, #Cats, #Puppy, #Kitten, #Puppies, #Kittens, #Petsagram, #DogsOfInstagram, #CatsOfInstagram, #DogLover, #CatLover, #ILoveMyDog, or #ILoveMyCat." When I die, engrave these hashtags into my coffin please.

After they collected their data, they found that Connecticut residents, with a state population of 3,588,184, are estimated to send out 39,460 tweets a year about their pets. Couldn't be me. Even though I don't use Twitter as much, my Instagrams are professional ONLY.


OK FINE, I indulge a little, but don't we all?? According to All Home Connections, we definitely do!

The study also found that iPhone users tend to tweet about their pets more than Android users do. What's up Android users? You got a problem with the puppers? *smacks fist against table for intimidation*

The study analyzed 17 hashtags, and #DogsOfInstagram took first place, with #CatsOfInstagram taking second. This makes sense considering dog tweets double the amount of cat tweets. Sorry baby mew mews. Oh, and these fur babies LOVE to party. The most popular post times for the tweets are between Friday and Sunday.

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So what's the moral of this story? TWEET EVERY PICTURE OF YOUR BABY MEW MEW AND PUPPER AND STREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. Hm, maybe I should slow down on the coffee. Either way, post on.

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