It seems only appropriate that one of Connecticut's most haunted cemeteries awaits the recently deceased ghost hunter, Lorraine Warren.

According to Abriola Parkview Funeral Home, acclaimed demonologist and ghost hunter, Lorraine Warren will be laid to rest in Stepney Village Cemetery in Monroe after a Mass of Christian Burial. Stepney Village Cemetery is the same one that her husband and paranormal partner, Ed Warren, is interred. The ghost of the White Lady has been known to walk the road between the Stepney and the Union Cemeteries.

One of the most fascinating and documented hauntings according to, involved the Warrens on Bridgeport's Lindley Street that included an exploding crucifix, flying furniture, a talking cat, and emanated intense demonic possession where the Warrens called for the exorcism of a 10-year-old Canadian girl.

Together, Ed and Lorraine Warren were behind the ideas for The Conjuring, Annabelle, Annabelle Creation, and The NunThe Occult Museum will let you inside the hair-raising paranormal world of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

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