Imagine a room where you can work out your anger by smashing all sorts of stuff and not get in trouble.

What happens when you get angry? Your heart races and you can feel the adrenaline taking control of your body. You speak louder and faster and wish you could throw something or smash anything to get some relief.

Smash City USA is being billed as the world's first portable anger room and it's coming to New Milford for the 4th Annual Wheels for Wheels Car Show at 143 West St. in New Milford. Smash City USA is a portable traveling room filled with a bunch of junk that you can take a baseball bat to and smash away. Take your anger out on their junk instead of your moronic boss.

We reached out to Smash City USA, and their president and CEO, Tom Bennetti, let us know how they're helping out the Greater Danbury area:

Smash City USA is cleaning up the Danbury area by giving neighborhood clutter a new purpose. Smash City USA will gladly help with your Spring cleaning by taking your unwanted junk! Message them on Facebook or send an email to to arrange your donations.

Your suggested $20 donation at the car show will help raise money towards the purchase of an accessible vehicle for a local family in need. Awards will be given out for Best in Show in 10 classes and food vendors will be on hand. Secure your spot and register at 

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