It was seven years ago this week that the Blizzard of 2013 called Nemo dumped up to 40 inches of snow on parts of Connecticut.

So far this winter, we really haven't had that much snow, but that could all change as fast as you can say "low pressure system".

That's exactly what happened on February 8 and 9, back in 2013. Two low pressure systems, one from the Midwest and one from the South, merged off the Northeast coast and produced record snow totals from New York to Maine. The Danbury area got 14 plus inches, with much higher totals in Milford - 38 inches, and a record 40 inches in Hamden. The record setting blizzard became known as Winter Storm Nemo.

Watches and warnings were issued in preparation for the storm, and state governors declared states of emergency in all states in New England, Connecticut, and New York. Flights at many major airports across the region were canceled, and travel bans were put into place in several states. Hundreds of commuters ended up stranded on Connecticut roads on February 8 as a result of the rapidly accumulating snowfall. A combination of strong winds and heavy, wet snow left 700,000 customers without electricity at the height of the storm, and at least eighteen deaths were attributed to the storm.

Here are some videos taken by people from all over the state. Check out the all that snow:

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